Relationship Development Intervention® is a family-based, behavioral treatment designed to address autism’s core symptoms. The RDI® Program focuses on coaching and guiding families with their child who is challenged in a different area of cognition. The focus is developing a certain type of relationship called The Guided Participation Relationship. It is within this type of relationship that people learn so much about one another, become explorers and experimenters together, grow curiosity and discover the wonders of collaboration. It is within this type of relationship that students learn to develop dynamic intelligence. The RDI Program provides children with a second opportunity to develop this relationship. Objectives include:

  • Emotional referencing: The ability to learn from the emotional and subjective experiences of others
  • Social coordination: The ability to observe and control behavior to successfully participate in social relationships
  • Declarative language: The ability to use language and non-verbal communication to express curiosity, invite interactions, share perceptions and feelings and coordinate with others
  • Flexible thinking: The ability to adapt and alter plans as circumstances change
  • Relational information processing: The ability to put things into context and solve problems that lack clear cut solutions
  • Foresight and hindsight: The ability to anticipate future possibilities based on past experiences